it is a mobile application providing ..

  • secured conversations and no one can hear what you are talking about with others
  • send secured messages and files so that only the receiver can read them
  • VOMS allows you to have written conversations, messages with multiple users securely
  • VOMS allows even send files securely to other users. Thus, critical files such as contract, notary documents, patents etc. can be sent to a user group and no one can acces that content, only users destination

VOMS … Comparison with “WhatsApp”

VOMS WhatsApp
ciphered voice no voice implementation
ciphered messages no ciphered messages
ciphered files no ciphered files
unlimited use of files limited use of files, only images and videos
private and protected agenda it does not have secure agenda
runs on mobile, tablets, computers only for mobiles
can be used in Cloud Cloud can not be used





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